New mother’s, what you need for your new baby and what you can live without! 

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New mother’s, looking at all the baby items… wondering what you ACTUALLY need and what’s a waste of space. I remember with my first child being completely LOST with what she would need and what I would use to help me care for her.

I am SO overwhelmed!!!

Here, I have put together a list of things that aren’t completely needed and some things that mothers can’t live without!

  • Diaper genie– this is about a 50/50 thing with most mothers. A lot say, ‘Why on earth would you KEEP dirty diapers in the house?’ And others think they’re great and have one in every room. I, myself never liked it. It stinks, the deodorizers never actually worked and it was gross to clean!
  • Wipe warmer– This item is usually a no-go for moms. It is bulky and you can easily warm the wipe up in between your hands to finish changing baby quickly!

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  • Crib sets– As CUTE and fun as they are, they’re dangerous. We only ended up using the fitted sheet for both children. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released new guidelines on safe sleep and SIDS prevention for babies. With no proof that crib bumpers prevent injury and carry a risk of suffocation, strangulation and getting trapped in them due to their lack of motor skills or strength to turn their heads.
  • Changing table– This one also, is a 50/50 with moms. If placed in a convenient area, it’s used frequently. But some parents found they hardly used it because they changed baby wherever they were. We liked our changing table with our second child as it was also her dresser!
  • Name brand or brand new items I get it, with your first child you don’t want to have anything used. It’s a weird stigma. But the BEST things for babies is resale/hand-me-downs!! These little creatures grow so FAST that we’re moving to the next item before we know it!!
  • CUTE outfits– newborns spend majority of their time wearing onsies or footie outfits/pajamas. Unless it’s a special occasion, it’s terrible inconvenient to take so much time dressing and undressing with diaper changes!
  • Take-a-long timers– Today, EVERYTHING can be found in the App store!
  • Baby food processors– As amazing as having your baby eat home-made FRESH foods. It’s very time-consuming. And most everything these items do, can be done with a blender!
  • Expensive Baby Detergent– A lot of mothers feel that some brands selling “baby” detergent think it’s a gimmick. A lot of name brand detergent’s have the same types of formulas.

I would like to add a few things that mother’s found useful and glad they had around!

  • Nursery Care Kits – These usually come with baby clippers (for those razor-sharp nails!) Nail file, bulb (nose sucker) soft bristle brush and thermometer. Some sets come packed with a lot more like this one!
  • Backpack– Some moms (myself included) Love finding cute, expensive diaper bags. After my second, I realized how much easier it was to have a regular old back pack! I use this one here!
  • Free and clear detergent– Our household likes to use ALL FREE AND CLEAR. It is the same thing as those more expensive baby detergents.
  • Baby car seat and stroller combo– Having a good, sturdy stroller and safe seat is big with moms. We liked Britax and chose this set and still use the strollers!
  • Medicine– It is always nice to have baby Tylenol and Motrin on hand (when baby is of appropriate age) for those middle of the night fevers and teething spurts!

Every mother will find what really works best for them. Some mother’s love some of the “unnecessary” items! I used the Diaper Genie with my first child and not my second! You will most likely find what works best for you after You’ve started using items or not having them and discovering they will be helpful to you!


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