Hell yeah I drink wine! 

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I drink wine. Wine is my friend. It helps me relax and wind down after the many, many things I do every day. Sometimes I feel self conscience about it, like some weeks it’s 3 nights in a row. But that’s my own insecurities. Don’t feel bad about it. Being a mom is overwhelming and is a LOT of work!

“I drink coffee in the morning and wine at night, for my sanity!”

A typical day for me starts between 5:30 and 6 am! Why?? Because, if one child sleeps until they’re supposed to, the other one is up. God knows why…. She must have gotten all the rest she needed?? Not to mention, my toddler still wakes at night.  Spare me the, “at that age, they should be sleeping through the night” schpeal. Every child is different and it just so happens that co-sleeping works BEST for our family and yeah, she still wakes. I won’t apologize for the “bad habit“. I’ve come to realize that my BABIES are little once and God forbid they be spoiled in certain aspects of their life. Moving on.

WINE. Summer time I like to have cold drinks. Ice down a nice pinot grigio and its like mama’s juice box! I usually end up  hiding my wine in a shaker cup. You know, the ones you use for my pre-work out or protein shakes. My kids don’t know the difference. But my husband just came home with this awesome stainless wine cup that will KEEP MY WINE COLD!!!

You can go here to find some Stainless Steel Wine Glasses like mine!

By the time I’ve done school drop off, errands,work, and school pick up…Dinner time has snuck up on me, so I pour a glass (or 2)!  By the time we have bath time, I can semi-handle the chaos that ensues. Splashing water everywhere. Screaming at the top of their lungs. Yelling because one got the other with water to the face. Yada, yada. Sound familiar? Still, I feel no guilt! I’m pretty sure this is what wine was created for!

Moms, let’s stop judging and start cheering, each other on! Tell me what your vice is!

We’re on the same team. Wine on mamas!

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