Great alternatives for that sweet tooth

A mother of two rambunctious girls who love desserts and sweets like I do, I have decided to share with you all what some of our favorite, healthy sweets are!

My girls LOVE frozen go-gurts…. So, to cut out some of the sugar I made fresh frozen yogurt fish!!

Frozen “go-gurts”

Siggi’s plain yogurt. This had the least sugar at only 5g and 28g of protein! In my first go at making these, I used Greek Gods Greek Yogurt with honey. This  has a higher sugar content than I wanted so I found the Siggi’s brand for the next batch!

Fresh strawberries and fresh blueberries.

My go-to sweetener with less than 1g of sugar-stevia

Using my food processor, I added ½ cup yogurt, 3-4 cut strawberries and one packet stevia. Blend and transfer to mold! Cover with plastic wrap and freeze! Make sure they eat them fast since they’ll melt in their hands!

Another favorite way to eat Siggi’s yummy yogurt is to simply throw fresh fruit in a bowl with a stevia sprinkle and eat!!


Frozen Furit-sicles

The old-fashioned, go-to treat! Blend up some fresh fruit and throw in a few chunks and drop into Popsicle mold!

Fruit Ice Cream

An easy and yummy way to make ice cream. Freeze banana’s and blend up after dinner for a quick treat! We like to throw in some peanut butter to change it up sometimes!


This is ridiculously simple. We just freeze fresh fruit. Once frozen, we throw it in our processor with a little lemon juice and a splash of agave juice. You can use sweetened OJ if you have that on hand, too!

Photo by Brooke Lark

Fruit leathers

Pinterest is FULL of these amazing and healthy recipes!! Here is one of my favorites!

Dried Apples

My FAVORITE treat as a child, was when my grandmother dried fruit!! Dried apples were absolutely amazing! You can even sprinkle a little cinnamon on them!

Fruit Pizza

This one takes a little muscle, but it’s so fun and yummy! Slice the watermelon into large slices, cover with Greek yogurt and throw on your favorite fruits and pizza toppings!

Keeping in mind the products you use to help sweeten your dishes, you can’t ever go wrong with these non-processed sweet treats!!! Pinterest is an amazing and resourceful search engine that helps you find all the favorite recipes and posts for new and fun treats to try!!

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