Fall is upon us!!

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Holy Fall, ya’ll!!!!


Our family is seriously IN LOVE with any and everything Halloween!! We love fall smells and decorations, but Halloween is one of our favorites!! This year, we decided that 31 days just WASN’T enough time to celebrate. SO, we started September 1st!! I decided this year, on top of buying our decorations (which we’ve already accrued quite a bit of) we wanted to do a bunch more DIY’s!! Here are some of the one’s we accomplished so far and we literally aren’t even closed to being finished!!!

Mama The Brave

Pinterest, is one of the BEST tools to use!!


Pinterest is one of the BIGGEST search engines being used these days. The BEST way for anyone to get their ideas out to the World and the BEST way to accumulate ideas for ANY occasion!! I use it for EVERYTHING!!! I will be linking some of the ideas we used for our crafts!

The key to crafting…

I have found that going to the Dollar store, thrift stores and buying second-hand online is the BEST way to make and find the things that fit your style best! Every year, the Dollar store will have different types of decorations, and most of the time  they have items you can use to make crafts! This year, I found Styrofoam pumpkins that can be carved, painted, glued together… everything! So, I glued some in stacks, glued some in piles and even spray painted them and dumped glitter on top! Pipe cleaners worked well for us to wrap around our fingers and stick in the top to give the pumpkins a little more flair!! I picked up some cheap spray paint from Wal-Mart for under $4!


Mama The Brave

The best part of holidays

I think the best part of fall is the cooler weather (We are in Arizona, so it hasn’t cooled down just yet!) My oldest has been begging me to put out the “spookily” spider webs on the front of our house, we did… and now every time I leave the house, I wonder if someones going to come over and tell me its September…….  I pretty much don’t care too much though, these days are for my babies! They LOVE decorations and celebrating! We go all out, and this year I found some throw pillows that didn’t break the bank! I mean, who’s with me when I say a throw pillow should NOT be $20!? Here is the link for them on Amazon For only $12.97!!

Decorating Your wall spaces!

I am the QUEEN of finding signs to hang on the wall, but I HATE having to put nails up to hang them. So, I like the cheap Dollar store window clings. This year, while cruising Pinterest, I found with wall cling idea! So once again, I headed to Amazon (I have a Prime account and literally buy EVERYTHING on there!) I found this spooky wall cling. It’s 32 PIECES! Its HUGE! And will help cover a WHOLE WALL! AND, under $10!!  I also took a draw erase marker to mirrors and pictures hanging on our walls! I drew a spider web with a spider on the mirror and made everyone’s photo’s look like they’ve been dead 100 years! This takes a little art talent, so I enlisted my VERY artistic husband for these! Not forgetting about window space, how many of you have big front windows?? That scream, “DECORATE ME!!” I found an idea on Pinterest that only requires black paper!! We cut out a scary tree, head stones, bats and a crescent moon, added some Halloween lights and at night, it has made our house that much more spooky!

Can we NOT forget about TARGET!!!

You know how target conveniently placed those$1-$5 bins right at the  entrance of EVERY STORE?? Well, they get some pretty CUTE things in! My handy-husband yanked these really OLD wooden windows out of a house that was going to be demolished. He re-finished them and hung them on this BIG blank wall we have. It is the BEST for decorating!! I found some cheap fall colored leaf garland at the thrift store, stuck a big spider in the corner and found these CUTE banners with all sorts of Halloween themes for $3, at TARGET!

Mama The Brave

Lets not forget the great Pinterest ideas I used, from the MANY amazing bloggers!

Here is the Pin for the window decorations!

Here you can find all my Pin’s and follow my boards!!



  1. Christy Mesker

    September 17, 2017 at 11:25 am

    Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday to decorate for! Great tips on decor and craft supplies….both of which are a passion of mine. 🙂

    1. Mallory

      September 18, 2017 at 10:00 pm

      I love it!!! I love seeing my kids get excited and i love being crafty!!

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