Drinking caffeine while breastfeeding, Its not bad like you think!

Caffeine and Liquid Gold…

Photo by Matt Hoffman

We all have the same question, especially first-time moms… CAFFEINE!! Can I drink it while nursing?? How will it affect my baby?? Will my baby become wired and never sleep??? All logical and reasonable questions! With my second child, I was able to successfully breastfeed and I remember thinking,

“oh have mercy, I need coffee after that night!”

Photo by Tim Bish

When I was pregnant with my first child, I remember eating the whole house! But I also was thinking to myself, “I probably shouldn’t drink much coffee”. So, I didn’t. Unfortunately, I couldn’t breastfeed with her so the thought of having it or not wasn’t much concern after she was born. With my second, I had a 2-year-old, a job, a house and a husband. I was EXHAUSTED while pregnant!!! I drank coffee like it was my lifeline! It’s been said that a mother who drank coffee while pregnant will have a baby that is less likely to have a stronger reaction to it in your milk as opposed to one that didn’t. With that being said, I want to also include that your body is AMAZING. It does AMAZING things, like MAKE FOOD for your baby! But also, your body metabolizes things more quickly than you would ever imagine! For instance, when you’re in the hospital after giving birth to you bundle of joy, they’re giving you pain medications to help control the discomfort of either pushing out a baby or having a C-section all while you’re learning to breastfeed! Keep that in mind. But always remember that certain medications are not safe while breastfeeding, you can always check with your PCP.

Doesn’t everything transfer straight to my milk??

The amount of caffeine your baby gets from an 8oz cup of coffee is likely minuet. Research suggests its less than 1% getting in your breast milk. Again, your body is AMAZING and metabolizes things quickly! I did experience with my second mild spit up episodes and connected the dots that it happened after I drank coffee. So, I just made sure to have my morning coffee AFTER she was up and nursed.

Remembering that moderation is always key with new babies, never rely on coffee to be your only source of fluid, as you need LOTS of water to produce milk! I also suggest keeping a high calorie (healthy) diet to help with that. You can see more about nutrition while breastfeeding in my Eating Healthy Foods While Breastfeeding blog!

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