Don’t blink, their tiny little lives flash in the blink of an eye!

Don’t Blink!


Kenny Chesney sings it so well. “Cause when your hour-glass runs out of sand, you can’t flip it over and start again……”

I literally bawl thinking about how fast this is going. My best years are the years with my BABIES. My oldest is 5, started kindergarten and has been  going for almost TWO MONTHS! I couldn’t fathom my days without her around  I’ve been alright thought, without the whining, picking on her little sister,  tantrums because she cant have her tablet…. but turning around to find her sneaking up to scare me, telling me she loves me, snuggling. Those are all things I’ll miss. I remember when she was born, I told myself to savor every minute, every memory, every feeling. There’s no way I’d forget them since I was making such a conscious effort of feeling the importance in the moment. Now, it feels like it all slipped away, like a the rope slipping through my fingers.

Where does the time go….?

Tonight I we sat on her floor eating a snack before bedtime. I looked over and saw an innocent little girl, crossing her legs just like her mama, the fan blowing her long hair and thought, ‘Oh God, here come the emotions!’ She scrunched her little nose and smiled at me, and said “When I put my head to the side and back up, it sounds like the ocean”. I soak up her little giggle and this moment, I’m afraid to blink.

And suddenly, I’m the grown up… I’m the parent…

I remember being little and wondering what it would be like to make the rules, be the parent, be the boss! I wish I could go back, because these responsibilities are overwhelming! She wants so badly to be the boss, the big kid, the know it all. And all I want is for her to slow down! Lord give me strength. I  know she will CHANGE THE WORLD. She will be my hero, my little life changer. We all know in our hearts what our kids are capable of and want to see them flourish. We have to take their hand and show them we will always be there to catch them, so they aren’t ever afraid to jump. I want my little girl to always know,  mommy’s got her back, forever.

Now, comes the difficult part.

One of the issues we struggle with today is people  making little girls believe their bodies are something to hide. They are  beingbody shamed” . Being told that they are a distraction to boys and they should hide their bodies. Umm… excuse me?? This is the part I don’t care to  deal with, although I know I WILL have to. My daughter is a tiny, lanky, skinny little girl (as I was) The dress codes they enforce are outrageous considering the options given in the stores.  I found a blog written by Catherine Pearlman that so eloquently describes the struggle she personally had with her child and her school… It’s so upsetting to know that administrators are so dense and unaware of the long-term effects it has on  these children. I hope that we can prove stronger than the “system” helping to raise our children. The people they spend just as much time with. Helping to eliminate the stigma and allow these girls to flourish and show off their brains and ability to succeed.

We are raising  tiny warriors!

Mama The Brave

I hope to see nothing but positivity. Love, compassion and encouragement!! We are the change and we have to push until we win!! We will teach our daughters to be strong, stand up (respectfully) for themselves and never back down! Woman are capable of everything and MORE!!

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