About me

HI!!! Here I am, putting my big girl panties on and becoming a blogger! WOW! What a process it is to start up a dream! A little about myself, my name is Mallory and I am a mother to two WILD and rambunctious girls. I am a (mostly) stay-at-home mom and get a brief “break” from motherhood when I go to work 3 nights a week with a family owned establishment that has been my work home for almost 8 years!


I have always had a love of writing, as it was my ONLY strong suit in school! I am passionate about being a mother, learning from other moms and helping to spread love and helpful advise to others. I recently married the love of my life and will be celebrating 1 year of marriage in November and 7 years together after the first of the year!! I find myself to be awkward.. but I’m straight forward! I can’t wait to share my thoughts and interactions with other moms with the world! Some of the things I’ve become passionate about are mommy and child related, navigating through the growth of your baby into childhood, Helping them grow, ┬ábeing a positive role model in health and fitness for my children and being comfortable and healthy in my new role!


Photo Credit Sassy Me Photography